Kase Filters 3 Stop Reverse Grad 100 x 150 - Duncan Graham

Kase Wolverine series - 3 Stop Reverse Grad 100 x 150

Kase Wolverine

Toughened Pro Glass

No Colour cast

Scratch Resistant

Easy Clean

A Premium Pro glass filter that reduces exposure without affecting colour balance. The Kase Wolverine Neutral Density filters are perfect for controlling the amount of light coming in to the camera sensor, easily achieve silky water or movement in the clouds. These Pro-Glass, Virtually Indestructible, easy clean Wolverine Series filters are simply excellent.

These Filters are ideally suited for shooting sunrise or sunsets and are different to standard ND grads as the central section of the filter is darker than the top part so it covers the brightest area of the scene where the sun will be. The graduation is slightly feathered to avoid a hard line. ND Grads can be stacked together, or with other filters, so you can respond to almost any lighting situation.

All filters come complete with carrying pouch.


including Post & Packaging in the UK

One of the reasons I love Kase

"As you will have seen I spend a lot of time by the sea and sea spray is a common thing to  find its way onto the front of my filters as a result.  Having used other filters in the past I was forever trying to clean them and often ending up with smeared filters and, as a result, blurred images or at least images that lacked clarity.With Kase filters I dont have this issue as they are all coated with some kind of witchcraft that enables water to bead on them and easily wipe away even in the moodiest of conditions.  As a consequence I can spend more time concentrating about the shot I want and less time trying to clean my filters and considerably less time swearing about poor images when I get back to base."

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