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I have been a user of these filters since early 2018  and have been absolutely astonished by their colour,  build quality, ease of use and clarity.  All workshop and 1-2-1 clients have access to a range of Kase filters for demonstration purposes.

The main 100mm kits come in 3 basic set up to take you from entry level use of the Kase filter system right up to Master level. These are detailed below by clicking on the Filter Kits.  I have also included some of the key filters that I have found most useful during landscape and seascape photography and some accessories  This isn't an exhaustive list of the Kase products though so if there is anything that you would like to order then please contact me.

Kase Wolverine Filter Kits

Kase Wolverine: Entry Level Kit

Kase Wolverine: High End Kit

Kase Wolverine: Master Kit

Kase ND Filters

100 x 150 3 Stop ND filter

100 x 150 6 Stop ND Filter

100 x 150 10 Stop ND filter

Kase Graduated ND Fiters

3 Stop Reverse Grad

2 Stop Hard Grad

3 Stop Hard Grad

2 Stop Soft Grad

3 Stop Soft Grad

4 Stop Soft Grad

Kase Accessories

Kase K8 Holder & Polariser

Kase Soft Filter Bag

Kase Adapter Ring Caps

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