I have been a user of these filters since early 2018  and have been absolutely astonished by their colour,  build quality, ease of use and clarity.  All workshop and 1-2-1 clients have access to a range of Kase filters for demonstration purposes.

The main 100mm kits come in 3 basic set up to take you from entry level use of the Kase filter system right up to Master level. These are detailed by clicking on the link below. 

There are also kits to suit the small mirrorless cameras and come in 75mm size. These are the same top quality and have all the benefits of Kase but are just smaller and even lighter.

> Visit the KASE Filters website here <

Why I love Kase...

"Compared to other leading brands of filters.. these have:

1 - market leading optical clarity

2 - colours are natural

3 - water spray and rain wipes off easily

4 - lighter (this counts for a lot when hiking a long way with a heavy bag)

5 - scratch resistant

6 - well sealed against the elements so that it is almost impossible for water to get behind the polariser and first nd filter.  No more removing fliters to trying and get water drops off the back of filters."

"As you will have seen I spend a lot of time by the sea and sea spray is a common thing to find its way onto the front of my filters as a result. Having used other filters in the past I was forever trying to clean them and often ending up with smeared filters and, as a result, blurred images or at least images that lacked clarity. With Kase filters I don't have this issue as they are all coated with some kind of witchcraft that enables water to bead on them and easily wipe away even in the moodiest of conditions. As a consequence I can spend more time concentrating about the shot I want and less time trying to clean my filters and considerably less time swearing about poor images when I get back to base."

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