Kase Filters Soft Filter Case - Duncan Graham

Kase Soft Filter Case

Store all your 100mm Kase Filters in this great soft pouch bag.

This bag has space for up to 10 filters, either 100x100mm or 100x150mm and a holder.


– Holds up to ten 100x100mm or 100x150mm or circular filters and K8/k6 holder.

– Made from tough canvas and soft flannelette baffle plates to keep the filters safe.

– Smart design, lighter and portable, easy to carry.

– Two snap-on design straps for carrying or hanging the tripod, and also a tripod velcro grip.


including Post & Packaging in the UK

One of the reasons I love Kase

"As you will have seen I spend a lot of time by the sea and sea spray is a common thing to  find its way onto the front of my filters as a result.  Having used other filters in the past I was forever trying to clean them and often ending up with smeared filters and, as a result, blurred images or at least images that lacked clarity.With Kase filters I dont have this issue as they are all coated with some kind of witchcraft that enables water to bead on them and easily wipe away even in the moodiest of conditions.  As a consequence I can spend more time concentrating about the shot I want and less time trying to clean my filters and considerably less time swearing about poor images when I get back to base."

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