The art of the camera

My name is Duncan Graham and I am a photographer based in Dorset. UK. I specialise in taking dramatic and also minimalist landscapes and seascapes around Dorset and Hampshire including the Jurassic Coast, Purbecks, The New Forest as well as Devon, Cornwall, Scotland and other amazing locations in this beautiful country aswell as overseas

Landscape and Seascape photography

The landscape fascinates me, it always changes and the light on it changes minute by minute in times of dramatic light such as sunrise, sunset and dramatic weather. Light is the key and dictates the types of images available to be made or the location for making pictures.

I often have wet feet from playing close to the waves or muddy feet from being in the woods or climbing the hills. The freedom and beauty of nature inspires me to capture the feelings that it gives me at the time.

If you love my work I have a gallery of prints on here for sale but many thousands that aren't on here so if you have something in mind that you can't see please contact me.. I am sure that I will have something along the right lines. 

Learn the Art

If you are keen to learn the techniques demonstrated here then I can arrange and run 1-2-1 Tuition days around the Dorset / Hampshire area where a day would be individually structured to cover exactly what you would like to learn so that you get the maximum benefit from it. 

I also run small group workshops over 1 to 3 days in Dorset, Devon, The Lake District and overseas in the incredible West Coast of Portugal, Madeira and Iceland. 

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I have many different bite size technique courses that I run. From the basics to more advanced technical technique such as long exposures. I have designed these to guide you in small steps with a small group of others on the same journey. 

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1-2-1 Tuition


Why are you taking that photo ?

Providing the answer to that question by explaining how to make your photo about what you want it to be

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