Long Exposure Workshop

Long Exposure - Technique Workshops

slowing it down ...

An evening Technique workshop to be held in Boscombe (Bournemouth) Dorset.

I will conduct a technique workshop focused specifically on Long Exposures whilst on location at the Beach. 

A small group of 2 participants will be taught by me.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you have a good understanding on how to use your camera before attending this workshop or have been on the "Getting to know your Camera workshop".

What will be covered :

  1. personal and possessions safety
  2. how to create a solid base for your image
  3. use of ND (Neutral Density) filters
  4. histograms and how to set the exposure time, aperture and manual settings
  5. how long should you go ?

This workshop will start around 2 hours before sunset and finish around 30 minutes after sunset.  Appropriate waterproof clothing and footwear is strongly recommended as we are extremely likely to get wet feet :)

How to book:

Make your booking  payment by clicking on the 'buy now' button and follow the payment procedure.

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For further details or alternative payment methods please contact Duncan.

Dates are suspended at present whilst the CORONAVIRUS situation is continuing but I am hopeful of scheduling new group dates soon for later in 2020 but 1-2-1 tuition can be arranged for this by clicking on the link on the right.